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Wholesale Pottery from Myanmar (Burma)

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Earthenware Pottery

All made by hand * Guaranteed Frost-Proof Wholesale Pottery

from Myanmar!!

We export World-Wide

Earthenware ~ so different!!

Earthenware Pottery that SHINES!!
Handmade Pottery

Traditional Workmanship and NOW with modern firing and
glazing techniques to International Standards to ensure a


...to compete with the best wholesale pottery in the world

Wholesale Pottery

Ceramic pottery is an age-old process in Myanmar and most households will have some type of ceramic pottery, usually in the form of a water jar outside the house. Oil jars are also common and can be seen throughout our website
Our Wholesale Pottery factory is located near a small village between Hlawga Junction and Hmawbi Township near to Yangon city and our production is FROST-PROOF and of fine quality. We have glazes of various shades of green, brown, black, maroon, zinc, blue and yellow and also have plain terracotta pots and planters. Most of our planters can be supplied in sets of three, four or five with 85 centimetres usually being the widest
We can produce all pot styles shown on this website and are always happy to supply our wholesale pottery to Customer's specifications - but please note that the lead time for these will be longer

Our wholesale pottery is handmade and of top quality...

...little commercial pottery in the world is handmade today...

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Eastern Urn

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